Buggie Jiggie (2 jigs per pack)(2 sizes)(6 COLORS)
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The buggie jiggies are very small jiggies made especially for pan-fisheman but have been tested by staff to catch some of the biggest bluegills,bass,perch,crappies and trout when fished plain or tipped with a floating worm,waxwork or mealworm. The possibilities are endless with this small but powerful jiggie and fishes in any water and comes in a few different glowing colors. works best fished on an ultra light or light rod and reel combo. sLegs are made slightly longer and can easily be trimmed to the size that works for you in your lake.

  • Item #: BUG301
  • Manufacturer: Slab Jiggies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 202
  • Condition: New

Buggie Jiggie (2 jigs per pack)(2 sizes)(6 COLORS)

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