1g Tungsten Buggies NEW!!! (1 jig per pack)
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1 gram Tungsten Buggies are the new rave and fish are being caught left and right on these heavier, but smaller jiggies. they work great for ice fishing,vertical jigging and just any jigging in general. Sented options available. Jighead have a size 10 hook and are the equivalent to a 1/24th oz jig. 1 jig per pack. Legs are made slightly longer and can easily be trimmed to the size that works for you in your lake.

  • Item #: TUN101
  • Manufacturer: Slab Jiggies
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Tung101
  • Condition: New

1g Tungsten Buggies NEW!!! (1 jig per pack)

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