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If you are looking for a jig that that will improve your fishing results,you have


come to the right place. Here at Slab Jiggies, our jigs are 100% hand-crafted


from the highest quality materials: each jig is not only strong and razor sharp,

and stays good after catching numerous fish. The craftsmanship is completely 


American-made which means no inferior scraps and pieces will ever find their


way into our jigs! I invited other experienced fisherman to give our jiggies a trial run


and they report catching more fish. Do you want to catch more fish?


Then you have come to the right place.

- Chris Salmon
Owner and Founder of Slab Jiggies




SlabJiggie's Jigsters



Janeen Draper Scobey 
 "Ok so I must admit, I'm not big on changing what I'm used to fishing with but after a day on the lake with my son, drew, I've changed my mind. He convinced me slab jiggies really do the trick. I usually only fish with live bait but he proved to me that fish love slab jiggies! Who ever thought my seventeen yr old would school me on fishing!?!!! Lol"  
Tiger Brasel Sr.

            "Just thought I would let you know , the spin jigs I got from you last week white w/blue tinsel tail are tearing up the crappie and white bass . Also caught 6 keeper bass , 4 blacks (15" - 17") and 2 Kentucky bass and also a couple catfish . Maybe have caught 35 -40 fish and only used 2 baits . These are very well made baits and knew the color would be great . Thanks Tiger"